Thursday, October 4, 2007

Capitals Power Rankings and Previews

The Caps begin the season in Atlanta tomorrow. According to most of the so called "experts" they are going to have another depressing season. In the preseason power rankings mosts media outlets have the Caps in the 21st to 28th position. In contrast the team and organization and for the most part the fan base is optimistic on the new season. The team is looking to challenge for a playoff spot with Head Coach Glen Hanlon setting the bar at a 92 point season. That would be a 20 point increase from a season ago. Is it possible? From my viewpoint, if the power play and puck possession continue to improve, the younger players continue to grow into their roles, and, of course, avoid injuries the Capitals have a real shot. The Hockey News preview issue does have the Caps as their "dark horse" of the year, but finishing 10th in the Eastern Conference.

Joe's prediction, for what its worth: The Caps continue to gel as a team and after a .500 first month begin learning how to win. At the halfway point of the season, they will become one of the better teams in the east. The second half of the season the Caps will have a rough patch but in the final month put a run together and make it to the post season in the 7th or 8th position. Once there, who knows what can happen but I do know one thing - It will be fun this year.

For your reading pleasure here are the "expert" opinions:

ESPN - Power Ranking 25 - Preview
Fox Sports - Power Ranking 28 - Preview
CBS Sportsline - Power Ranking 21 - Preview
Sports Illustrated - Power Ranking 26 - Preview
TSN - Power Ranking 25 - Preview - Preview
USA Today - Preview
MSNBC - Preview - Preview


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