Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ted's Fired Up for the Season

On Ted's Take, Ted Leonsis, majority owner of the Capitals, gives his ten reasons why he's so excited. I really like #10:

"10. Expectations. While most in the media aren't recognizing us as a legitimate playoff team yet, I do believe that our rebuild is over. We have traveled a long and necessary road together from the dismantling of an underachieving, aging and unhappy team in the last half of the season before the NHL lockout and subsequently two seasons of play in the rebuild with an over-indexing on young players. We have had to rebuild and play undermanned for two seasons. We collected a number of young players and high draft picks. We developed them. We have more coming on the horizon. We now have added vets through free agency and trades. We have assets to still trade to further strengthen the team. The time is now to start to win again and start our quest for the playoffs and then to a Stanley Cup victory. I am excited about this coming season. I hope you will come out and see for yourself and share in my enthusiasm. Let's Go Caps!"

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