Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Will he Laich the Decision?

Brooks Laich and the Washington Capitals should hear the findings of the arbitration case sometime today. Over at Dump and Chase, Mike Vogal has a great write up detailing the case. On the Caps Message Board there is a lot of talk questioning why Brooks would take his case before the arbiter. In my opinion, its a why not type of situation. First off, you don't get what you don't ask for. Secondly, he is still playing off of the entry level deal he got as a 6th round draft pick. After coming here from the Ottawa Senators, he has worked his tail off and would like to see some reward for his efforts. Who am I to argue against that? The Capitals now seem to have a lot of players at Brook's position. I, for one, still think he will make this years squad. He is versatile enough to play many positions in a variety of situations. We will see what the arbiter decides, but for Brooks, I think it shows a lot of character to stand up and say this is what I'm worth and I'm willing to fight for it.

Update: The arbitration ruling was a 1 year for $725,000. The Caps accepted the ruling and resigned Laich to a contract.


CapsChick said...

I totally agree - for someone who will probably never make millions, why not go after as much as you can when you can? Numbers aside, Laich is a great depth player and a gritty guy with a lot of potential.

Joe said...

Definitely, he has been getting better and better each year. Evidence his face-offs - The beginning of last year he was terrible, but by the end of the year he had improved his percentage to 51.9% which was second on the team among regular face-off guys.

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