Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Irish Ice is Smiling


"Republic of Ireland is ready to launch its own hockey league: 5 teams, a brand-new arena and much enthusiasm

Following on from the huge success of the Div.3 Ice Hockey World Championship held in Dundalk during April, which was recognized by most independent observers as setting new standards, the Irish Ice Hockey Association is delighted to announce the formation of an Irish Ice Hockey League.

To date those seeking to play the sport at a competitive level have had to travel abroad and while relations with Ice Hockey UK have never been more cordial, it is time that this island had a league of it's own !
The new league will consist of 5 teams.
Dublin Flyers
Dublin Rams
Dundalk Bulls
Latvian Hawks
Belfast Bruins

Dundalk Bulls is a team that has grown out of the huge swell of interest following the building of Ireland's first rink The Ice Dome - in Dundalk. The final founding club is the Latvian Hawks which represents the ex-pat Latvian community here in Ireland. The League will be an all island one, indeed the "New Irish" are particularly welcome as many will bring a lifetime of experience to a sport that is still establishing itself here.

While many details remain to be ironed out, it is envisaged that , each team will face the others on four occasions, all games to be played at the Dundalk Ice Dome where supporters will be entertained each Saturday Sept.15th 2007 to April 2008.

Many will have had their first experience of the "Coolest Game on Earth" recently with Setanta T.V.'s coverage of two World Championship games but you must see the real thing live to experience the speed, power, and passion of the sport."

Can you imagine if this sport takes off in Ireland? I'd hate to play one of their teams. They would have at least 15 Marty McSorley types on each side. Put it this way, my wife is Irish and I have yet to attend a family event where there hasn't been a fight. This may be where the next generation of NHL enforcers are born.

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