Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eminger and Sutherby Signed

Per Washingtoncaps.com, the Caps have resigned D Steve Eminger and C Brian Sutherby to 1 year deals. Both had an up and down season last year and will be looking to improve. If they don't, they may be looking for a job somewhere else. The Caps have a lot of talent coming up behind these two at their respective positions so it's time to put up the numbers. The two are among the longest tenured Caps with 192 NHL games played by Eminger and 254 by Sutherby. That's good enough to rank 69th and 56th on the Caps All-Time games played list. Olie Kolzig and Matt Pettinger are the only members of the team that have played more games as a Cap. The fans already seem to have sacrificed Eminger (who is only 23) because of a lack of development, and there seems to be murmurings about Sutherby whose number were down sharply last year. Will they last the season? Its too soon to tell.



1) We would package and trade Emminger. He may be looked upon by another team as a relatively cheap defender with some upside. He's expendable for the defense-heavy Caps
2) Sutherby is useless. Yes, he wore the 'A' last season, but he really has been a 1st round bust. He doesn't do much of anything really well. He doesn't have good hands. Isn't a good skater. He does stick up for his team mates, but that's not a good enough reason for him to soak up a roster spot

Joe said...

Faux - In my opinion Eminiger is going to be gone sooner rather than later. Maybe he can go be somebody else's Jurcina but he just doesn't seem to get it here. As for Sutherby.. If he doesn't have a good start he better think about some German lessons.

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