Friday, July 27, 2007

This Weeks Former Cap Signings

Its a slow day today but I wanted to note the signing of two former Capitals earlier this week. The first is D Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre by the New Jersey Devils. I guess Lou is really struggling find defensemen these days. After not being qualified by the Caps back in 2005, Jean-Luc has been playing over in Europe. The other signing was G Maxime Ouellette by the New York Islanders. Just 3 days into the 2005-06 season the Caps sent Ouellette to Hershey and later traded him to the Vancouver Canucks for a 5th round draft choice. He moved around the minors for a year and a half and finally ended up in Germany to finish last season. Each player got a 1 year deal and most likely will be members of the parent club's AHL affiliate. You gotta think its slim pickins out there in the affordable free agent market when you're filling your roster out with these Capital cast offs.

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