Thursday, July 26, 2007


The NHL has followed the lead of the other major sports leagues and gotten in trouble with the law. Eric and Jordan Staal were arrested this past weekend for events following Eric's bachelor party. So once again the NHL can't keep pace with the other leagues and goes with a second rate scandal. Disorderly conduct and underage drinking is no comparison to dog fighting, steroids, blood doping, and betting on fixed games. However, in this case its nice to be able to laugh because, once again, it shows that NHL'ers seem more like ordinary people than other pro athletes. I sure most people can understand or even been to a party that got a little out of control. Other news yesterday included the leader of the Tour De France being suspended by his team after not having a reasonable explanation as to why he missed two random drug tests earlier this summer. If you have watched this sport at all, it's absolutely embarrassing. After last years winner tested positive for an extremely high level of testosterone the sport supposedly cleaned up. This year's Tour, which promoters had been touting as a totally clean tour, has been racked with riders and teams leaving because of positive tests and overall sense of cheating. With that being said, I'm glad this is the worst the NHL can provide.

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