Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My First Blog

I have decided to become a member of the blogging community. I really have no reason other than I enjoy reading and commenting on the some of the hockey blogs out there and want to throw my bit of knowledge out there for those who might be interested. I have been a fan of the Washington Capitals since I can remember. In the first hockey game I ever saw live, (date unknown), the Caps played the Detroit Redwings. I watched Dennis Maruk score a goal, get in a fight, and have another goal (game tying, of course) washed out. I do not even remember how old I was, but since then I have been hooked. I have no contacts or sources or inside info. I am fan of the game and the Caps, so please take this for what it is.



1) Welcome aboard! Look forward to reading your takes. Good luck/have fun!
2) Just a quick question: Why do you have your comments 'moderated'? We usually turn that on when we're getting spam or unwanted responses from a clown that needs filtering. Just wondering.

Joe said...

Faux - Thanks and I don't know why that was on. Its off now.

Shmee said...

Welcome Joe!

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