Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Detroit Wins the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup

In the sixth game of the Stanley Cup Finals the better team prevailed. The Cup returns the Detroit after another show of why they were the best team this year. The Wings outplayed the Pens in all facets to beat the wishful Pittsburgh team. The Wings brutalized the Pen vaunted offense and completely disrupted their system. The experience factor was huge as the Wings never looked rattled following the three overtime loss on Monday. They knew what it took to win and went after it. The Pens were held in this series with an excellent performance from their young goaltender, but at the other end of the ice the consistent effort of Detroit' s Chris Osgood, who won by two games by shutout, was as unspectacular as it was masterful. When it was all said and done, tonights game just seemed to draw to the to the inevitable conclusion and Nick Lidstrom took the Cup home to the winners. Good job fellas. Now its on to next season...

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